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Building Services

Submit Your Plans on USB

The City is keen to reduce paper waste and processes and encourages building permit applications to be submitted on a USB and with a hard copy of the application form. This is especially important when a large amount of documents make up the application.

The City is also currently developing an electronic lodgement process for building permit applications to assist the process and transition to electronic processing and the reduction of paper based applications.

The Team

The City of Nedlands Building Services team is responsible for ensuring all building works undertaken in The City comply with relevant regulations and policies.

Under the Building Act 2011, a Building Permit is required before the commencement of most building work. 

The City’s Building Services team offers a range of services relating to building approvals and anyone who needs to obtain approval for proposed or existing work can make use of these. 

The range of services offered includes approvals for proposed and unauthorised building work, inspections, verge and demolition permits and the issuing of occupancy certificates. 

Click on the relevant link in the shortcut menu to see more information about each of the services offered by the City.

Development Approval is also required for most building work and this requires a separate application to the City’s Planning Services team. Development Approval must be obtained before a building permit can be processed and issued.

A Building Permit is required for most building work; click here (1) to see what works this include s.

Electrontic Submission of Plans

The City is currently developing an electronic lodgement process for building permit applications and the website will be updated once this is available.

However, if you have a very large number of documents to submit, please contact The City to discuss alternatives to the lodgement of hard copies.

Building Permits

There are two ways a building application can be submitted to the City for approval.

Changing Builder on an Existing Permit

If due to bankruptcy, contractual disputes or other reason, the builder named on a Building Permit is unable to complete the works included in the permit. There are two (2) methods to change the builder on the Building Permit. These are dependent on the circumstance.

Building Compliance and Complaints

The City of Nedlands is responsible for ensuring that all building works within its jurisdiction comply with the required legislative requirements laid out for building works within the state of Western Australia.


An application for a demolition permit can be submitted to the City for approval by following the steps below.

City Certification Services

The City offers extra certification services for applicants who wish to utilise the City to provide a certificate of compliance as an alternative to using a private building certifier.

Fee Calculators

This page contains the full set of fee calculators for each different building application available for submission to the City of Nedlands.

Building Forms

This page contains a complete list of forms and checklist required for building approval

Occupancy Permits

An Occupancy Permit is required prior to using the building for commercial purposes. There are two ways an Occupancy Permit application for a new building can be submitted to the City for approval.

Strata Developments

There are two ways an Occupancy Permit Strata application can be submitted to the City for approval.

Unauthorised Building Work

There are two ways an unauthorised building application can be submitted to the City for approval.

Nature Strip (verge) Permits

In order to use the council’s verge for storage of materials during building, a permit is required to be obtained from the city. This permit allows for the storage of certain materials for the chosen duration.

Swimming Pools Services and Safety

With over 2500 residential swimming pools in the City ensuring pool safety, inspections and quality construction is important