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Bulk Rubbish

The service will remove:

  • Household furniture.
  • White goods/metal products including degassed fridges, freezers, stoves, washing machines (doors must be removed or sealed for child safety).
  • E-waste such as household electronic items including televisions and computers.
  • Prunings to be no longer than 1.5 m in length and 10 cm (4 in) in diameter. Place prunings with cut ends toward the street.
  • Small loose greenwaste such as lawn clippings and leaves to be placed in the City's reuseable greenwaste bags.
  • General unwanted household items.

The service will not remove:

  • Tree stumps and large tree trunks
  • Lawn sods, soils or sand
  • Food waste
  • Building materials such as rubble, bricks, paving, tiles, concrete, sand, gravel/stones, glass, hardiflex and supersix fencing
  • Asbestos cement products
  • Motor parts
  • Tyres
  • Gas cylinders
  • Hazardous liquids including paint, oils and chemicals
  • Solar panels and glass sheets
  • Broken or cracked TV screens.

Bulk rubbish collection conditions:

  • A combined maximum of six cubic metres (6 m³) or about two trailer loads will be removed.
  • Place your bulk rubbish on the verge no more than seven days prior to collection dates in your area.
  • Place your bulk rubbish on the verge before 6 am on the Monday of your collection week as your street may be the first cleared in your area.
  • Hardwaste, greenwaste, metals and e-waste are to be placed neatly on the verge in four separate piles so it can be recycled.
  • Keep visibility clear for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
  • Keep rubbish one metre clear of sprinklers, water meters, power poles and street signs to avoid any damage during the collection process.
  • Keep rubbish clear of the footpath.
  • Collection vehicles are fitted with a GPS and will only pass your property once.
  • Bulk waste placed on the verge area more than seven days before the collection or after the collection dates listed is considered a littering offence which could result in a fine.

E-waste collection

Remember to place your household e-waste in a separate pile.

Greenwaste bags

The City's reusable greenwaste bags for the bulk collection can be purchased for $3.50 per bag from the City's Administration Centre and Libraries.


Hotline Numbers

Hotline for bin collections
T 1300 633 633

Hotline for bulk collections
T 9273 3500

Residential Waste Services 2016-2017


Residential Waste Services 2016-2017