Dumped Rubbish and Litter


Rangers monitor litter control throughout the City of Nedlands and respond to complaints regarding illegal dumping of rubbish or littering. The whole community needs to be vigilant and report persons seen dumping within the City.

Reporting of littering requires such information as the date, time and location of the alleged offence and a description of the person and/or vehicle involved. The correct gathering of this information can assist Rangers locate the alleged offenders and may result in infringement notices or prosecution.

Dob in a Dumper

The City of Nedlands is now working with the home building industries "Dob in a Dumper Campaign" in a bid to reduce illegal dumping on building sites. Purely funded by the industry and working in conjunction with Local Government, the Campaign aims to identify and prosecute offenders of illegal dumping and offers members of the public a $200 reward for information leading to the conviction of offenders. In addition, it aims to increase public awareness of the social and financial costs of illegal dumping and the penalties associated with it.