Election Candidates

The City of Nedlands appoints the Western Australian Electoral Commission to conduct ordinary council elections every two years. These are conducted via postal ballot. The next election will be held on 21 October 2017.

Below are the current election candidates for the City of Nedlands local council. The candidates are listed in order of ballot paper.

City of Nedlands Coastal Ward 

Vacancies: 2 Councillors

Expiry of term: 16 October 2021


Paul Wyndham

I have lived and worked in the City of Nedlands for over 40 years. My children were born, raised and schooled in the Nedlands area and I am proud to say I have 5 young grandchildren. Over the years I have been involved in the community both playing and coaching junior cricket and football. I was closely involved in the Tresillian Centre and in particular the Art Auctions. For 20 years I have been an active member of Claremont/Nedlands Lions holding many board positions including three years as President. I have the time and drive to contribute to Council and particularly the Coastal Ward. The financial stability of Council, sense of community, provisions of facilities for the young and elderly plus the protection of the environment are priorities for me. I will work towards these ends to ensure the City of Nedlands is always a great area to live.

M: 0412 599 779 paulwyndham@hotmail.com 

Kerry Smyth

I have been a City of Nedlands resident for 25 years. I am a committed professional with a career in Mapping and Land information. I have 8 years experience as a Councillor, strengthened with the Elected Members Development Framework Training. Having raised a family in the community, I value the lifestyle and appreciate its many facilities. I believe the major challenge in managing our urban environment is achieving balance between a healthy lifestyle and development pressures due to population change. As your representative, I will ensure Coastal Ward interests are heard. I will assess opportunities, contribute to sensible decision making and achieve improved outcomes with; Swanbourne Beach - Allen Park Precinct, Local Planning Scheme 3, Old Swanbourne Hospital re-development, sustainable management of parks and bushland, a network of linked recreational pathways, access to community services and facilities, across city journeys and parking congestion.

T: 9384 2122 M:0417 816 728 bkerphil@bigpond.net.au

Chrissie Jordan

I moved into the Swanbourne area in 1970, where I lived and raised my family, an area rich in amenities and friendships. In recent years, since my children have grown and moved away, I have continued to engage in the pursuits of my local community with impassioned vigour in areas of Invigilating at UWA, fundraising, sport, retirement living and small business. My committment is to represent residents and ratepayers and to keep Nedlands Electorate as the unique city that it is. To establish priorities for various needs, evaluating community changes especially for the scarcity of Retirement Villages and Aged Care for the welfare and benefit of senior residents. More importantly, I stand for promoting a safe and healthy environment for our community. My vision for the future allows for Nedlands Electorate to maintain its standards through sound financial management, ensuring viability and the highest integrity of accountability through effective governance. 

M: 0409 086 412chrissie.j@bigpond.com

Nikola Horley

Caring for our community and delivering local improvements are key drivers for me, as your ward councillor. I'm a local, who has raised my family here. I am committed to service in community, bushlands and sporting groups. I am a healthcare professional with a strong corporate governance background and extensive experience with project management, budgeting and the imminent planning changes. I bring continuity, community knowledge and a proven track record with over 17 years experience in local government. I feel that this will help protect our community, whilst planning for the future - for all stages of life. I've actively pursued extensive local improvement including services and facilities for seniors, families and youth including cycleways, underground power, parks, playgrounds, parking and traffic management. My priorities also include community collaboration, capped rates, fiscal responsibility, sustainability and open accountable governance. With your support I will continue to be your local, independent voice on Council, standing up for how our community wants to progress and resolve key issues. 

T:9384 5453 M:0433 107 889 koomeroo@gmail.com

City of Nedlands Dalkeith Ward  

Vacancies: 2 Councillors

Expiry of term: (1 Councillor) 16 October 2021, (1 Councillor) 19 October 2019.


Bradley Forbes

For the last 15 years I’ve called Dalkeith my home. I’ve been involved in numerous events during this time however, there has been a distinct lack of focus on youth involvement throughout the community. It’s time to engage the youth and reflect this change on our Council. As an active member within the City, most recently at the UWA prior to boundary adjustments, I have sat as a Councillor for the UWA Student Guild and ran the largest society on campus, the Economics and Commerce Students’ Society as its President. With proven experience engaging young people I believe I am the right person to further this movement in our community. Currently I am on the board of the local Western Suburbs Crickets Club and look forward to promoting stronger engagement throughout sporting and social clubs. 


Jordan Kestel

I have lived in the City of Nedlands for more than ten years. This city is my home. It's given me a lot and shown me even more, so I believe it is time for me to give back. I've been lucky to see much of the world and the different ways of governing. It is the job of councillors to serve the community and not their own interests. It is too often that we see council ignore the voice of the community, that the voice of the community is drowned out by the shuffling of papers. That changes with me. I want to be the voice of the community and indeed your voice. This is your council and I hope to be your voice.

M: 0451 199 171

Bill Hassell

Since being elected to the Council in 2011 I have worked to ensure Nedlands has an effective council which: provides the basic services required of local government (roads, rubbish, parks, amenities) efficiently and reliably, and manages its finances to ensure viability and responsibility. Sound finances are the foundation of good government. I first came to live in Nedlands in 1961 and have lived in this suburb most of the years since then, including over 40 years in Dalkeith. My commitment is to represent residents and ratepayers and to keep Nedlands as the unique area it has always been, with its superb open spaces and the open, garden character of the suburb. We have a working council and a wholly supportive administration. We are determined to keep going with our major works programmes to ensure Nedlands maintains its standards. This will be done without excessive rate rises.

M: 0417 902 915hassell@arach.net.au

Andrew Mangano

I attended the University of Western Australia and completed my Engineering degree in 1985. Since then I have worked in both the public and private sector and have been self-employed since 2006. I have lived in Minora Road, Dalkeith for 22 years and am a foundation member and current president of the Friends of Point Resolution Reserve. The City of Nedlands’ primary responsibility is to provide non-discretionary services, being roads and footpaths, parklands, libraries and waste disposal, in a financially responsible, timely and efficient manner. I take a strong interest in Council’s operations. My commitment is to represent Dalkeith’s residents and ratepayers and to retain Dalkeith’s low density, garden suburb character as it was planned nearly 100 years ago.  I am also keen to ensure the City of Nedlands’ advocates for State Government funding to complete the Sunset Hospital renovation, and to ensure no major roads or tunnels are built through Dalkeith.  I look forward to serving you. Please feel free to contact me.

M: 0400 899 210  dalkeith@amnet.net.au 

City of Nedlands Hollywood Ward 

Vacancies: 2 Councillors

Expiry of term: 16 October 2021

Ben Hodsdon

It has been an honour serving as a Councillor for Hollywood. I love Hollywood and want to protect and improve this wonderful, unique part of the City of Nedlands. I'm a firm believer that Ratepayer's money needs to be spent wisely and efficiently. Thus we have been able to keep rate increases down over the last four years. If re-elected I would ensure the progress of underground power in Hollywood in an economically sustainable manner, improving and enhancing parklands at Carrington Street and Lawler Parks for all users, support sporting and community groups, control the growing parking and traffic issues and protect the environment by redirecting as much waste as possible away from landfill. I will work hard to move our community forward in a sustainable, positive and constructive manner. I hope you take the opportunity to vote for continued improvement of Hollywood.

T: 9386 5313 M:0412 000 359nedlands@optusnet.com


Cilla de Lacy

A champion for transparency, accountability and inclusivity, plans to ensure Council engages early and openly with the community in the decision-making process. Cilla de Lacy has twenty years of public policy experience in infrastructure (water and transport) sustainability and land planning at a local, state and national level. Chair of the Hollywood Underground Power Action Group and successfully campaigned to secure underground power at a fair price for West Hollywood. Plans are in place to drive this further across all remaining areas. Member of "Five" a cycle group, with transport planning experience keen to resolve traffic congestion and parking problems through partnerships with neighbouring Councils and State Government. Drawn to "leafy Nedlands" and keen to deliver beautiful streetscapes, protect bushland and manage water resources efficiently. A graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and member of the Hollywood Primary School Board, believes in respectful democracy, visionary leadership and finding opportunities from problems. Married with two children and lives in Hollywood Ward, Nedlands. 

M: 0408 098 950 cilla_delacy3@bigpond.com

Paul Poliwka

A resident of the City of Nedlands for 15 years and Hollywood for five years, I practice law in the Claremont Town Centre. I am apolitical and focused on the continued improvement of the amenity of Hollywood, including; sinking overhead power lines in all of Hollywood to allow for our verge trees to grow to full size, developing our parks - especially in central Hollywood - with hedged borders, roses and benches, rather than using them as overflow parking for the Royal Show, and ensuring the Montario Quarter development does not unduly increase housing density in Hollywood or overburden existing infrastructure. I am opposed to rate increases as with technology we can do more with less. The demographics of the City of Nedlands are changing and as a younger candidate I take a long term view on the evolution of Hollywood, which I believe is currently deprioritised within the City of Nedlands.


Christopher Corbett

I live in Nedlands with my wife and young daughter. We have strong ties to the Nedlands community and previously attended local schools as well as UWA. If elected to council, I will direct my experience and enthusiasm to economic development and effective leadership of Council. I am keen to contribute to the future of our local community that I am proud to call home. I am a director/owner of an IT consulting firm. In addition, I am a director of a local industry superannuation fund managing retirement savings for over 20,000 members. I am also an active volunteer and sports club member. I believe my experience and fresh perspective would offer a valuable contribution to the role of local government and I seek your support.

T: 9381 6800 M:0400 400 336ccorbett@busapps.com.au

Robert Binks

I have been a significant contributor to the successful team of Councillors that has strengthened the City of Nedlands over the past 6 years. With over ten years experience in Local Government and a CoN resident for over 38 years, my vision is: Completion of underground power, maintain the residential character of Nedlands, maintain high quality community services ensuring Hollywood remains a great place to live, work and play. I have the desire, time and energy to continue working on behalf of Hollywood Ward, including the Hackett Precinct. Local issues I have championed include underground power, retaining services at the Regis Centre, improving Carrington Park along with other parks and cleaning up back lanes and community facilities. My track record for assisting individual ratepayers and electors is second to none. 

T: 9389 1918 M:0402 784 918 nedlandshollywood@gmail.com

City of Nedlands Melvista Ward 

Vacancies: 1 Councillor

Expiry of term: 16 October 2021

Gordon Hay

I believe Nedlands is a unique location with a strong community and extraordinary environment. A place to protect and improve for the future. I am married and a father of two boys who attend the local school and church. I work as Development Manager for a Geoscience company. Having lived and worked in many countries, I know what we have in Nedlands is world class. Over the last four years as a Councillor, I have worked in a team to improve the city with over $30m spent on new infrastructure, such as underground power, new roads, footpaths, sporting pavilions and community services for all ages. And stood our ground against amalgamation. My vision for Nedlands is of a sustainable, strong community where local voices can influence decisions for positive outcomes. Ideas such as business incubators, new All Abilities Play Space, Linear Cycleway, River and Bush Hub projects exciting long-term plans.

M:0499 700 447gordon.hay@outlook.com


Rajah Senathirajah

My family and I have been living in Melvista Ward, Nedlands for the past 28 years and have totally enjoyed the amenities, environment and friendly neighbourliness here. I am married with three daughters, who attend Nedlands Primary School, MLC, PLC and University of Western Australia. I have more than 17 years of Local Government Management experience, the last years at the City of Nedlands. By profession I am an accountant (Fellow, CPA Australia). I believe that I should now “give back” something to the local community, especially as a retiree I have time for Council duties. Community service is not new to me – for the past ten years I have been a Rotarian, helping to change the lives of the less fortunate people. If elected, I will work with my fellow Councillors to make Nedlands a happy and affordable place for all residents.

 M: 0452 474 857 rajahnedlands@gmail.com 


Councillors' terms

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