Planning Your Event

The City requires you to submit an event application form for any public event of function proposed on City parks and reserves or in a City owned building, halls and pavilions, when:

  1. More than 200 people are likely to attend, including private parties and weddings.
  2. The public will have access to your event.
  3. There is a requirement for any of the following:
    • Road closure or the temporary suspension of road traffic.
    • Risk management plan.
    • The provision of public liability insurance.
    • The consumption or sale of alcohol.
    • A licence to trade in public places including stall holders.
    • Temporary structures such as: marquees, staging and amusement equipment.
    • Parking or transport plan is required for example, Bishop Road reserve.
    • Fireworks or pyrotechnics display.
    • Commercial or private filming.
    • Vehicle access to a park or reserve is required.

Application procedure

  1. Check availability for the desired venue by contacting the City.
  2. Complete an event application form and submit to the City at least eight weeks prior for larger events, over 200 people, and four weeks prior for small events, under 200 people.
  3. A tentative booking for the desired venue will be held while your event is assessed.
  4. Receive and complete any additional event forms, specific to your event, completing all sections required and sourcing any documents requested.
  5. You may not proceed with your event until written confirmation of your approval is received
  6. Payments made to the City within two weeks of receiving the event approval letter, prior to the date of the event.


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