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Planning Services

The City of Nedlands Planning Services are responsible for the land use planning and land development matters.

Some of the key enquiries dealt with by Planning Services include;

  • What is the zoning of my property?
  • What uses are permissible on a property?
  • Do I need approval for a home office/occupation/business?
  • Can I subdivide my property?
  • What are R-Codes and are they applicable?
  • Can I build ancillary accommodation (granny flat) on my property?
  • Can I re-zone my property to commercial or a higher density?
  • Town Planning Scheme information and amendment application process

At the City of Nedlands, Planning Services is divided into two main areas: Strategic Planning and Statutory Planning.

  • Strategic Planning deals with the documents and initiatives to guide future development throughout the City, with a focus on neighbourhoods, public spaces, streets and precincts.
  • Statutory Planning assess and determine Development Applications in accordance with the existing planning framework and provides advice with regard to development enquiries. Statutory Officers also complete subdivision referrals from the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Development Applications

All Development Applications are assessed against the City of Nedlands Town Planning Scheme No.2, the Residential Design Codes of WA and relevant City Policies

Deemed to Comply Check

This section provides information on the types of developments that may not require development approval due to the new Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

Community Consultation for Town Planning

Community Consultation for Town Planning. General Information and Frequently Asked Questions.

Town (Local) Planning Scheme

This section contains information of the City's key planning documents including the Town Planning Scheme No.2, Residential Design Codes and Design Guidelines.

Development Assessment Panel Applications

The purpose of DAPs is to determine the higher value development applications in place of local governments and their elected members.

Strategic Planning Projects

The City is responsible for the detailed control of land use, and the design and siting of all buildings proposed to be constructed in the area with the objective of preserving or enhancing existing amenity. The Town Planning Scheme, Planning Policies, Municipal Heritage Inventory and Design Guidelines facilitate the achievement of this objective.


This section contains information on Statutory Planning policies which the City has regard to when determining development and subdivision applications.

Information Sheets

This section contains information sheets on various matters to provide guidance to residents and developers.


Subdivision is the division of one lot into two or more lots and/or the amalgamation of several lots into one lot. All subdivision of land in Western Australia is controlled by the Western Australian Planning Commission.


This links to the City's Interactive Mapping System

Bushfire Prone Area Requirements

On 7 December 2015 the Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Amendment Regulations 2015 (LPS Amendment Regulations 2015) established deemed provisions relating to bushfire risk management (deemed provisions). The deemed provisions apply to all local planning schemes prepared under the Planning and Development Act 2005 to ensure that bushfire risk is appropriately managed in new development throughout the State.