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Community Perception Survey

Every three years the City undertakes a comprehensive survey of the Nedlands community to gauge the level of community satisfaction with a range of City services, activities and facilities.

Community Perception Survey 2016

The fourth community perception survey has been completed and the results are in. This survey is undertaken every three to four years by the City and once again it has received a high performance score as being a preferred place to live, a leading governing organisation and providing waste collection services.  Scores were compared to other WA Councils and against a national database.

The community identified priority areas of footpaths and cycle-ways, management of trees, parking and traffic management, planning and building, and underground power. It is pleasing to see that the community’s priorities align with the City’s priorities as it is proactively working on these.

The report findings will be considered as part of the 4-year review of the Community Strategic Plan.