Electors Meetings

Annual General Meeting

Councils are required to have a general meeting of electors (Annual General Meeting) once every year. The date and time will be chosen by the City and advertised to the public well in advance.

Special Electors Meetings

Special meetings of electors can be requested by:

  • 100 electors of the City or 5% of total electors, whichever is the lesser; or
  • One-third of the Elected Members

Any request to hold a special meeting of electors must specify the matters to be discussed at the meeting (the form and content of the request is to be in accordance with regulations and be submitted to the Mayor

The Mayor will then select the day of the meeting. According to legislation, this must not be more than 35 days after receipt of the request.

Further information regarding electors meetings can be obtained from Sections 5.26 to 5.35 of the Local Government Act 1995.


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