Graffiti Removal

Have you seen some graffiti in the City of Nedlands? You can have paint or marker graffiti removed or painted over with matching paint at no cost to you within the City on public or private property*.
Call Graffiti Removal and leave a description of the graffiti and its location and the City of Nedlands will remove it free of charge. Local residents, businesses and community groups are encouraged to report all graffiti tags as soon as they are seen. Quick removal of graffiti often deters further tagging. This can be arranged by lodging a report via the Office of Crime Prevention's Goodbye Graffiti website.

Be sure to also report all graffiti to the Police to help them investigate and prevent it in your area.

*Part cost recovery may be explored for large expanses of boundary fences.

Graffiti Removal
Kleenit - 1800 750 394

131 444