Chinese Pistachio’s for Monash Avenue

28 August 2020

The true meaning of the word ‘avenue’ is a road with trees at regular intervals, so it’s fitting that six Chinese Pistachio trees have recently been planted at the western end of Monash Avenue.

Chinese Pistachios were chosen for this location for their beautiful colour range, long life expectancy (100+ years), tolerance to drought and ability to provide shade in summer and sun in winter.

The new trees are part the City of Nedlands’ 2020/21 tree planting program which has a target of 500 new trees on verges and in parks and reserves during the coming financial year.

The City of Nedlands is renowned for its extensive tree canopy which will be further developed by new plantings this year.

The City set a record in 2019/20 by planting 571 new trees, in addition to the large number of trees already thriving in the City.

Tree canopies play a large role in keeping residential areas cool in summer and protected from strong winds throughout the year.

Planting deciduous trees such as the Chinese Pistachio also provides cool shade in summer and light, bright sunshine in winter.