City of Nedlands Mayor resigns, Deputy Mayor steps up

City of Nedlands Mayor, Cilla de Lacy has resigned from office with effect from Thursday 25 February 2021.

The City thanks Ms de Lacy for her service to the ratepayers and residents, and for her achievements during the past sixteen months.   Ms de Lacy served as a Councillor for two years before being elected to office in October 2019.

In keeping with Local Government administrative provisions, Deputy Mayor Leo McManus will step into the role of Mayor, effective 25 February 2021.

Councillor McManus has served as a Nedlands Councillor since 2011 representing the Coastal Districts Ward and is a strong advocate for sound financial management.

We wish to assure all City residents and ratepayers that City Administrative services and Council procedures will continue uninterrupted during this period. 


Media contact:  Di Graham  0409 089 159


Statement by City of Nedlands Mayor, Cilla de Lacy

I advised the CEO today that I have decided to resign from the position of Mayor of the City of Nedlands.

I have had a bumpy ride in local politics since I decided to try and help the community in 2016 using my skills and experience on an issue that seemed unsolvable for so long; that being the delivery of underground power in the Hollywood Ward.  The ground I covered with the support of Nedlands residents, some of whom had a wealth of experience in State government policy making was immense.  An example of poor State government public policy was challenged and has been changed resulting in a trial by State government of a fairer, more cost-effective policy. 

I was encouraged by members of the community to take on the role of Mayor to drive further strategic policy making for the betterment of our community.  This has been challenging given the enormity of the issues associated with Local Planning Scheme 3.  I recall a Grattan Institute Report on Housing Affordability stating that “the politics of planning is poisonous.”  To overcome this the report made a number of recommendations for change, many of which I agree with.  However, that change cannot be driven at the local level and through a ‘business as usual’ approach.

We are starting to see systemic failure across core parts of our society that can only be addressed through taking a step back and observing what is happening, pausing and reflecting on what could drive lasting change and then acting together to make the change.  We have come so far and can go so much further by diagnosing problems together and then seeing opportunities for change that do not shut down debate too early, due to an unwillingness to engage, listen and learn.  No one is right, and no one is wrong.  We just need to take the time to find the messy, middle ground.  ‘Band-Aid’ solutions from polarised debate are no longer a sustainable option.

I have been described by some as a ‘person who solves wicked problems.’  Its why I took on underground power.  Nedlands has its fair share of problems, but they cannot be solved solely at that level.  Local government as a sector has its challenges evidenced by the major reform of the Local Government Act, and the universal application of the findings of the City of Perth inquiry.  I feel the local government sector is at a crossroads, and to see this sector truly flourish for the betterment of grass roots democracy is something I truly believe in.  It’s just not necessarily the sort of change one Mayor in one local government authority can drive.

I very much wish to thank the community, Council and the Administration for their support over the past few years.  I intend to continue driving policy change for the greater good.  It’s part of who I am.