Nedlands Council undertaking vital review on Wards and Councillor representation - Have your say!

To ensure Nedlands Council remains relevant in the midst of change and provides optimal community representation for making decisions in the best interests of the City’s residents, continual review and improvement is necessary. 

In keeping with the Western Australian Local Government Act that requires all Councils to review Ward boundaries and councillor representation at no less than eight-year intervals, the City of Nedlands has commenced its current review.

Mayor, Cilla de Lacy, is inviting all residents to be involved in this important re-evaluation of the Council’s current ward allocation and councillor representation.

The Discussion Paper is now available for public comment with submissions closing at 5pm, Monday 1 March 2021.

“It is really important for Nedlands residents to have their say on the future of their Council, how the Wards are configured and how many Councillors are allocated per Ward,” Mayor de Lacy said.

“Each of the current four Wards within the City of Nedlands; Coastal, Hollywood, Melvista and Dalkeith, has experienced changes over the past eight years since the last review, so it is necessary to identify whether boundaries and councillor allocations are still relevant and effective.

“These key elements of local government are being reviewed against a range of important factors including Community of Interest characteristics, demographic trends, economic factors and physical and topographic features.”

The review process will involve key steps including dissemination of community information; public submissions; reporting to the Local Government Advisory Board; with resulting recommendations sent to the Minister for Local Government.

For more information and to ‘have your say’, visit . Also feel free to contact Mayor, Cilla de Lacy via email or phone to discuss this review.

Contact:  Mayor, Cilla de Lacy 0466 483 371 or