No suspicious circumstances in Doonan Street tree deaths

No suspicious circumstances in Doonan Street tree deaths

Mid-June this year, the City was alerted to two street trees on the corner of Doonan Street and Jenkins Avenue showing signs of rapid decline.  Local residents were concerned the trees may have been damaged by vandals.

 Acting CEO, Ed Herne said the City was aware of the two dead trees on the verge and preliminary investigations carried out by the City’s tree specialists indicated the trees could have been affected by adjacent demolition and construction work, the installation of a nearby footpath or may have been the victims of disease or external tampering.

 “We undertook to further investigate the cause of the damage and if possible, take steps to ensure it did not happen again,” Mr Herne said.

 Further investigations, by way of scientific testing on the leaf tissue from the trees and the soil surrounding the trees and their roots, were carried out.  There was no evidence of poisoning and the grass and plants at the base of the trees were identified as ‘vigorous and healthy’.

 According to the arboricultural consultants undertaking the investigation, it is most likely that the decline of the box trees is due to multiple earthworks undertaken nearby, including the placement of new footpaths, disturbing the trees’ roots.

 “As the custodians of the City’s urban forest, we value our treescapes and all trees on public land.   Through our regular tree monitoring processes, we endeavour to protect and preserve as many as possible, wherever possible,” Mr Herne said.