Precinct plan underway for Nedlands Town Centre

Planning for a Nedlands Town Centre and community space in the vicinity of the Captain Stirling Hotel and Chellingworth Motors on Stirling Highway is well underway. 

With the gazettal of Local Planning Scheme No.3 in April, the City has been progressing with a Precinct Plan for a Nedlands Town Centre in response to density increase mandated by the State Government.

Director of Planning and Development Peter Mickleson says the Precinct Plan will help the City to define what might be expected for a Town Centre. “The Plan will aim to ensure new buildings complement each other and the neighbouring residences in adjoining streets. The City is excited to be progressing with this important initiative as it will be an opportunity for landowners to demonstrate design excellence that will enhance their developments and benefit the community.” he says.

To this end the City is seeking support from the Government Architect as the Precinct Plan will be an important assessment tool if development applications are referred and reviewed by the State Design Review Panel. It will enable the panel to review the proposal to consider the broader Town Centre development the City is aiming to achieve at pre-lodgement stage.

“A priority is to develop guidelines for appropriate building height along Stirling Highway as the City was ignored when the Minister removed the City’s recommended building heights on Stirling Highway from LPS3. While this is of concern to the City it is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to demonstrate what is possible in terms of creating something that will benefit the landowners and the community well into the future” said Mayor Max Hipkins.

Peter Mickleson says the City is looking forward to working with all property owners, developers and the community. “We are endeavouring to plan a Town Centre that will become a vibrant community hub for the suburb of Nedlands”

“To achieve this, the City is currently gathering all previous community feedback and documents from previous consultations from the local planning scheme and strategy, Woolworths and Aldi developments. Consultation is progressing with property owners/developers to garner their support for the Town Centre and to identify and discuss key issues or themes related to planned and future developments in this area and to explore potential strategies to resolve these issues”, says Peter Mickleson. 

Further opportunities for the community to participate in the development of the strategies, policies and rules for the new Town Centre and community space will commence in the coming months.

The City understands that development applications are being progressed by owners/developers in this area right now, with nearby residents being contacted by representatives from the property owners/developers to discuss their proposed developments prior to lodging a development application with the City.

Mayor Hipkins said “the Council wants to develop a Town Centre that will be a destination of choice for the City of Nedlands and it is important that we all work together to achieve this very important initiative for the City as a whole.”