Tresillian art student wins People's Choice Award

Tresillian art student wins People's Choice Award

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Tresillian Art Student Julia Bull’s sculpture titled ‘Baggy Pants’ was clearly a beauty in the eyes of the public at the recent Tresillian Tutor and Student Exhibition held on 4 October.

Julia has been a student of the Tresillian Art Centre since the beginning of 2019 studying under the watchful eye of tutor Natalie Zuchetti in her evening Sculpting in Clay classes.  

Baggy Pants is a 3D sculpture, hand moulded in Raku clay.  During the process of creating the sculpture, Julia was inspired by imagery of harlequins and decided to glaze her sculpture in colours and patterns referencing the iconic harlequins from French pantomimes.  

According to Tresillian Arts Centre manager Lisa Macfarlane Reid, the sculpture is unique to Julia and captures her own whimsical and positive approach to life and art.

Julia was presented with her $500 prizemoney by City of Nedlands Mayor Cilla de Lacy and Blair Morgan of Captain Stirling IGA who sponsored the prize.

Captain Stirling IGA has for many years sponsored the Tresillian Student and Tutor Exhibition which has helped foster the Arts in the City of Nedlands.