Urgent call for WAPC to approve Local Planning Scheme No. 3

City of Nedlands Mayor Max Hipkins is calling on the WA Planning Commission to approve Local Planning Scheme No. 3 for advertising, after it exceeded the required timeframe to respond.

“The WAPC is subject to processing timeframes like any local government, which means it should have had a response to us by the end of March,” he said.

The City’s current Town Planning Scheme No. 2 was gazetted in 1985 and, since then, WA’s planning system has undergone major reforms that make many of the provisions in TPS2 obsolete or difficult to administer.

“Over the past two years, the City of Nedlands has worked hard to develop a new Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme No. 3, following WAPC and Ministerial instructions to the letter every step of the way,” Mayor Hipkins said.

“The draft LPS3 was submitted to the WAPC on 21 December last year and it was supposed to respond in 90 days.

“That deadline has well and truly passed – the City of Nedlands has kept up its end of the deal but the WAPC has failed to do so.

“By allowing the City of Nedlands to continue with a planning scheme that is more than 30 years old, the WAPC is not ensuring appropriate developments in a 2017 context are being approved.

“We have a commitment to what’s best for the City of Nedlands in every location where a development application is made and, in the interests of the best planning, ensuring we have an up-to-date and relevant planning scheme is an integral part of achieving this.”