Waratah Village Precinct consultation workshops begin

The City of Nedlands has commenced its staged community consultation process for the Waratah Village Precinct with four ‘first-stage’ meetings with residents adjacent to the precinct.

Following a briefing for Councillors held at the City last night, the next round of briefings, facilitated by Nichola Smith from Niche Consulting for the City of Nedlands, will be held on 21, 22 and 23 November 2019, followed by consultation with the broader community.

The consultation program is as follows:

Thursday, 21 November, 5-7pm - Business Owner/Stakeholder workshop 

This workshop is for commercial property owners and those with a commercial interest in the precinct, to identify key issues related to the future development (including current development applications) of this area.

Friday, 22 November, 5-7pm - Owners of Up-Coded Properties workshop 

This workshop is for owners of residential properties (within the precinct) that have been up-coded.  The City is seeking to identify key issues or themes related to the development of the precinct, to understand the impacts/possible impacts on near residents, and to investigate ways to resolve these issues. The focus is to ensure near residents have an opportunity to voice any concerns they may have about future development of the Waratah Village.

Saturday, 23 November, 2-4pm - Residents within a 400m radius workshop 

This workshop is for residents who live within a 400m radius of the precinct plan area to identify and discuss key issues or themes related to the development of the precinct, impacts or potential impacts and preferred outcomes.  The City aims to gather information on, and recognise, the existing character of the community and future aspirations for the area.

Following this series of targeted consultations, the City will collate its findings for incorporation into an initial draft plan.  Following Council approval of the draft, full consultation with the broader community will provide the opportunity for comments and suggestions from all interested parties.  The City will also be seeking participation from the broader community in real and virtual reality displays and activities.

All stakeholder engagement for this precinct development is in line with previous community engagement for development projects within the City and will result in a vision and strategy for the precinct that considers all elements of precinct development.

Residents living outside the Waratah Village area will also be provided with the opportunity for full and open discussion following the release of the draft plan.