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Native Plant Subsidy Scheme


Each year the City of Nedlands and WESROC offers subsidised native seedlings to residents and businesses.

The aim of the plant subsidy scheme is to promote the use of native plants in private gardens. The benefits of using native seedlings include the creation of an attractive, low maintenance water-wise garden that supports our native birds and butterflies.

The plant subsidy scheme supports the Western Suburbs Greening Plan. The greening plan is based on the following principles:

  • Maintaining and enhancing existing remnant bushlands within urban and suburban areas;
  • Joining remnant bushland through vegetated green corridors;
  • Creating additional habitat areas where possible; and
  • Creating public open space, streetscapes, gardens and privately owned land that help contribute to the creation of green corridors.

Subsidised seedlings at a cost of $1.50 each are available from APACE nursery in North Fremantle who have staff on hand to help with plant selection. The plant subsidy scheme is usually held during the month of May to allow seedlings to establish during the wetter cooler months.

The City also encourages residents and business to establish native plants on roadside verges.

2018 Native Plant Subsidy Scheme

In 2017, a total of 13,741 plants were sold – the highest amount of plants sold since the program's inception. We hope that with the increased community awareness raised by the scheme, matched with the benefits of native plants, sales will continue to grow each year.



Native Plant Subsidy Sales Graph


Native Plant Subsidy Sales Graph