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Nature Strip Improvement

The City issues permits to owners, occupiers or developers to construct vehicle crossovers and to undertake improvements to the nature strip (verge) adjacent to their property. The crossover and improvements should enhance and integrate with the local streetscape and/or greenway corridors. Construction of vehicle crossovers and improvement works must be in accordance with the City’s Nature Strip Development Improvement Guidelines (download below). The guidelines detail when permits are required and which permits should be obtained when required. Generally vehicle crossovers and nature strip improvement proposals are required to:

• Retain any existing street trees;
• Provide a minimum offset of 2.0m to all trees and drainage structures and 1.0m to all posts or poles; and
• Not interfere with formal on-street parking.

Where modifications to the City’s infrastructure (including street trees) are required, this will only be approved in exceptional circumstances, where no other alternative is available. All costs for relocating or modifying City infrastructure are to be borne by the developer.

No permit is required from the City for lawns, reticulation, low growing native gardens on nature strips, or existing crossover maintenance. Applications are required for all other developments including:

  • new or upgraded crossovers;
  • garden beds;
  • shrubs;
  • kerbing;
  • paving/hardstand;
  • retaining;
  • pipelines and below ground reticulation systems; and
  • artificial grass installation.

Permits can be obtained by completing and submitting a Permit Application - Vehicle Crossover form or a Permit Ammplication - Nature Strip Improvement form (download below).

The City's nature strip and streetscape improvement objectives are to:

  • protect all public assets within the road reserve;
  • ensure the improvements contribute to creating an attractive and safe streetscape;
  • ensure all costs are borne by the developer; and
  • ensure compliance with all statutory and Council requirements.


  • A fee for the approval of plans should be submitted with the permit application form (fees differ for improvements to residential and commercail properties).
  • Some improvement and construction works may require a footpath and verge deposit to be held by the City to cover possible damage.
  • For works that require an inspection, a non-refundable inspection fee is required.

The City's Fees and Charges can be found here.

Please note that payment of any applicable application deposits and inspection fees are required in advance of any works commencing.

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