Shenton Bushland Quenda Release

Rangers will be actively patrolling Shenton Bushland for dogs not being on a lead. This is in response to a number of native Quendas (commonly known as Bandicoots), being released by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions at Shenton Bushland in early May. Quendas are a rabbit-sized native Australian digging marsupial that play an important role in bushland health by improving soil aeration, aiding water penetration, dispersing beneficial fungi and even helping to reduce fire fuel loads. 

Dogs are required to be on a lead in Shenton Bushland in accordance with the City’s Dog Local Law. The City also requests that dogs and walkers stay on the designated footpaths to assist with reducing bushland damage and allowing the population of Quendas to establish and sustain themselves in the long-term.

Only within designated dog exercise areas can you have your dog off the lead. Some neighbouring parks include Mt Claremont Oval, Dot Bennett, Allen Park, and large sections of Swanbourne Beach. Please sure that you always maintain control over your dog by means of effective recall and standard commands.

For more information, please contact the City's Ranger team on 9273 3500.