Thank you, Hon. Roger Cook for listening

9 November 2020

Building the State’s first hospice for children is a major development and one that everyone in Western Australia, including Nedlands residents, will be pleased to see. 

Mayor Cilla de Lacy met last week with the Hon. Roger Cook MLA, Deputy Premier and Minister for Health, who appeared surprised to hear that key relationships surrounding the hospice were not as well established as he thought they were.

“I welcomed the opportunity to meet with the Minister to clear the air, and to create a better mutual understanding of the need to help each other make this project a success,” Ms de Lacy said.

The Nedlands Council has not, at any time, passed a resolution to reject the location identified by the PCHF. The Council does however, have a strong track record for working collaboratively with charities to achieve great outcomes, as in the case of the award winning All Abilities Play Space, situated next to the former Tawarri Function Centre in Dalkeith.

Mayor de Lacy says, despite the Council having weathered numerous insults and accusations through the media from the PCHF Chair and the Minister for Planning, at no time has a detailed report with robust, transparent evidence of the ‘rigorous assessment of location options carried out by professionals and volunteers to determine which is the best site’, ever been provided by the PCHF to the Nedlands Council.

The Council does not in any way question this level of commitment, however, it does want to see the documented assessment of this research. 

“I think the days of saying ‘trust me, I know where the best location is, without documented, transparent and rigorous assessment of the options’, are gone,” Ms de Lacy said.

“In the Western Suburbs Weekly last week, it was reported that the Chair of the PCHF had a ‘quick look’ at the Tawarri Function Centre site and Sunset.  This is hardly a rigorous assessment.”

The State Government has just released a Model Code of Conduct for consultation in which s6 asks Councillors to ‘…base decisions on relevant and factually correct information, and on merit, in the public interest and in accordance with statutory obligations and principles of good governance and procedural fairness’. 

Mayor de Lacy raised this point with the Minister for Health last week stating that the Nedlands Council does not believe procedural fairness has necessarily been followed in this instance.

“However, that is all behind us now.”