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Development Assessment Panel Applications

What is a Development Assessment Panel?

The State Government has introduced new legislation to create Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) in Western Australia. DAPs came into effect on the 1st July 2011. The purpose of DAPs is to determine the higher value development applications in place of Local Governments and their Elected Members. With the involvement of independent experts the DAPs aim to help improve the planning system by providing more transparency, consistency and reliability.

Where can I obtain information regarding applications received by the City to be determined by the Development Assessment Panel?

In accordance with regulation 39 and 44 (7) of the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panels) Regulations 2011, below are:

a) Details of any JDAP applications received by the City which are required to be advertised for comment; and

b) The agendas and minutes of joint development assessment panel (JDAP) meetings where JDAP applications received by the City are to be determined at.

Further information can be found on the DAP website.


Development Assessment Panel Application for a Two Storey Mental Health Ward– Lots 564 (No. 101) Monash Ave, Nedlands  

A development application for proposed a Two Storey Mental Health Ward at the above property has been approved by the Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP).  

The minutes for the JDAP meeting can be viewed here.