City of Nedlands Parking and Parking Facilities Amendment Local Law 2016

Local Government Act 1995, S3.12

The City of Nedlands resolved at its Ordinary Meeting of Council 20 December 2016 to adopt the City of Nedlands Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law 2016, as published in the Government Gazette on 27 January 2017.

The purpose of this local law is to make provisions about the regulation of parking or stopping of vehicles in all or specified thoroughfares and reserves under the care, control and management of the local government and to provide for the management and operation of parking facilities.

The effect of this local law is that a person parking a vehicle within the parking region is to comply with the provisions of this local law.

A copy of the local law may be obtained from the City’s Administration Centre, Libraries or online at  The local law comes into operation on 10 February 2017.

Greg Trevaskis

Chief Executive Officer