Controlled Fire in Kings Park for Scientific Research

Kings Park & Botanic Garden Authority have issued an alert regarding the likelihood of a small, controlled fire, planned to occur in Kings Park one day between 3 May and 21 May 2021. 

The fire is part of an important scientific research project run by Kings Park Science to investigate methods of managing bushfire risks and protecting the natural environment in urban bushland on the Swan Coastal Plain.  The exact date of the fire is dependent on suitable weather and safety conditions and will not be confirmed until approximately 9am on the day of the fire. The low intensity fire is likely to begin around 11am and may last up to five hours. 

It will be closely controlled by Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA) staff with support from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions –  Parks and Wildlife Service. Fire response crews will remain present for the duration of the fire and BGPA staff will monitor the site continuously until the fire is completely extinguished. 

Road and pedestrian/cycle path closures will be in place during the fire and some pedestrian closures may persist for up to three days afterwards for public safety.  

The attached information sheet provides further details and a map of the fire location. 

The precise timing of the fire and other updates will be published at and on the Kings Park and Botanic Garden Facebook page with notification provided to the Shift Engineer prior to ignition.
If you would like to discuss any particular concerns, please contact Mr Stephen Easton, Manager Biodiversity Conservation, on 0409 889 851.