PUBLIC NOTICE - Notice of Special Council Meeting – Thursday 19 November 2020 at 7pm

In accordance with Regulation 12 (3) of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996, notice is hereby given that a Special Council Meeting is to be held at 7:00 pm on Thursday 19 November 2020 at the Adam Armstrong Pavilion, Beatrice Road, Dalkeith for the purpose of considering the following items:  

  • Scheme Amendment No. 8 – Alexander Road, Dalkeith, down coding – Final Adoption 
  • Development Application, 9-11 Doonan Road Nedlands - 9 Grouped dwellings 
  • Responsible Authority Report - 13 Vincent Street, Nedlands   
  • Responsible Authority Report - 5 Hillway, Nedlands  
  • Responsible Authority Report - 21-23 Louise Street, Nedlands 
  • Responsible Authority Report - 97- Smyth Road, Nedlands 
  • Any available Responsible Authority Reports 

This meeting will also be livestreamed, accessible here.

Due to COVID social distancing restrictions the 2m², with 1.5 metre social distancing rule applies. Once the venue is at capacity no further admission into the room will be permitted.  


Mark Goodlet 
2 November 2020