Whale Carcass Spotted off the Coast

Whale Carcass spotted off the Coast

A whale carcass has been spotted drifting approximately five miles off the coast of Cottesloe today.

The Department of Fisheries have contacted the City and confirmed that attempts to tow the carcass out to sea have commenced. They will keep the City updated on their progress.

The City held an emergency meeting with all the relevant departments today to prepare a contingency plan in the event of the whale getting washed up on Swanbourne Beach. The plan includes having all required equipment and machinery on standby for the removal and disposal of the whale as well as having the City's Rangers ready to close the beach.

The City will keep the community updated on any changes.

Update - The whale has been towed away and there is no longer a danger that it will get washed up on Swanbourne Beach

If you require any information, please contact the City on 9273 3500