Report an Issue

City issues

Contact the City for any local community issues or hazards you wish to report, for example: broken sprinklers, cracked footpaths and obstacles blocking roads or footpaths. For all other matters that are urgent, contact emergency services directly.

Emergency issues

Contact the emergency services on 000 (106 for hearing or speech impaired persons) for any urgent or life threatening issues or hazards you wish to report, for example: accidents, live power lines and crime.

Triple zero awareness

Triple zero (000) instead of triple oh (ooo). There has been much confusion surrounding the emergency contact number with some people calling triple oh instead of triple zero. By typing triple oh into a mobile, it will actually dial 666. It is extremely important that the Triple Zero Awareness campaign reaches the wider community so that in times of urgency, there is no confusion.

So remember, triple zero, not triple oh.