Water Use

The City boasts 90 hectares of irrigated parkland across 75 locations incorporating parks, reserves, sporting ovals and gardens. Irrigation of these is in line with best practice principals as applied by the City.

This involves the careful calculation of start times, run times and frequency of irrigation to apply the correct amount of water in line with the City's strategies.

Water monitoring and parks irrigation

The City's Irrigation Strategy describes how groundwater will be used to provide a sustainable irrigation water supply, both in terms of quantity and quality and is applicable to all of the bores, pumps, irrigation systems and associated reserves operated by the City.

This strategy operates in conjunction with three other water management documents: the Water Conservation Plan Reference Guide, the City's Groundwater Operating Strategy and the Licence to Take Water.

Bore water usage at every park and reserve in the City is monitored on a monthly basis to ensure that usage is in line with the Department of Water's allocation.

Irrigation during the summer months

The majority of the City's parklands are irrigated using bore water, with seven sites irrigated with scheme water. Scheme water usage is subject to the same by-laws set down by the Water Corporation that apply to domestic households.

Where the City uses bore water for irrigation, these bores are licensed with the Department of Water and different by-laws apply than those of domestic users.