Mobile Printing

Mobile printing
Documents and emails can be printed directly from your device without using one of the public PCs at Nedlands Libraries. The documents can be emailed directly to the printer queue and can be used to do the following: 

  • Print emails
  • Print attachment from an email
  • Email a document as an attachment to be printed 

Send an email with the information you want to print in the body of the email or included as an attachment.

The email address you send it to will change depending on if you want black and white, colour, A4 or A3. All email addresses are listed below:

A4 B&W Single-Sided –   

A4 B&W Double-Sided –   

A4 Colour Single-Sided  –   

A4 Colour Double-Sided –   

A3 B&W Single-Sided –

A3 B&W Double-Sided –   

A3 Colour Single-Sided –   

A confirmation email will be sent once the printer queue has received your item. This generally takes about two minutes but larger documents and photos may take longer. 

Once you have received the confirmation email, the job can be release at the computer next to the photocopier at Nedlands Library.